Choosing a Petition Starter

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Conversation Guides

These guides are designed to help you and your petition starters to structure your coaching sessions. The guides cover the whole petition journey from creating a strategic, high-quality petition through to meeting and negotiating with decision makers. The guides are designed to be used in sequence, with each one building on and adding to the previous ones. They contain discussion points, exercises, links to additional resources and some tasks for petition starters to complete between sessions.

Conversation Guide 1 - From Problem to Petition

Conversation Guide 2 - Storytelling

Conversation Guide 3 - Growing and Recruiting

Conversation Guide 4 - Power Mapping

Conversation Guide 5 - Media

Conversation Guide 6 - Engage Your Decision Maker

Conversation Guide 7 - Graduation

Petition Guide

This is our general guide for everyone starting a petition. The information here goes deeper than the conversation guides, so it's a good place to look for answers to questions or additional information.

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