How to Create a Winning Fundraiser

If you’re ready to take the next step with your petition, creating a fundraiser can help you cover the costs of printing and delivering petitions, organizing events, traveling to meet decision makers, putting up a billboard, or anything else to help you create the change you want to see. 

If you have more than 500 signatures on your petition, you’ll see an Add a fundraiser button on your petition. Just click to start setting up your fundraiser. 

Here’s some tips for how to create a winning fundraiser: 

1.) Creating your fundraiser

  • Set an Achievable Goal: When deciding how much money you want to raise, research how much you will need and make sure you choose an amount you can reach. People are more likely to donate if they feel your campaign is likely to be successful. Make it feel achievable by showing supporters how you plan to hit your target. For example, "if just one thousand of us chip in $25 we’ll reach our fundraising target."
  • Be Clear and Specific: Your fundraiser text should clearly explain why this is important to you, how the funds will be used, and why this will have a big impact. Instead of just asking for $1,500 for a petition delivery you could break it down by saying:
    • $200 will pay for a banner
    • $300 will pay for printing your petition signatures
    • $1000 will cover your travel costs 
  • Use a Compelling Photo: Just like petitions, fundraisers with photos are likely to get a better response. Use a photo that makes sense for your campaign and will inspire people to give.  
  • Examples of Great Fundraisers: 

2.) Share with your petition supporters

When you publish your fundraiser, you’ll have the option to announce it to your petition supporters by sending them an update. We’ll provide some sample text that you can use but you should take a few moments to personalize this message. This is your chance to write an email to your supporters explaining why your fundraiser is important and how it will help you achieve your petition’s goal. 

Throughout your campaign, you can use the petition update feature to promote your fundraiser to your petition signers. But you don’t want to send too many messages. We recommend sending about three or four updates about your fundraiser and that you space them out at least a few days. 

3.) Share with your personal networks

After you’ve told your petition supporters about your fundraiser, be sure to share with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Your close family and friends are likely to understand that this is important to you and will want to help you out.

4.) Keep your contributors updated

The people who donate to your campaign will want to get updates from you as your campaign goes on. Use the update feature to send them news about your campaign, ask them to share your fundraiser, or just thank them for their support.

5.) Thank your contributors

Once you’ve reached your campaign’s goal, send a thank you message to your contributors using your fundraiser’s update tool. This is the perfect way to let all of your supporters know that you’re preparing to use the funds and promise to let them know once you do. 

6.) Use your funds

This might seem obvious but once your funds have been deposited into your bank account, it’s time to spend them! Use the funds just as described in your campaign and try to do so as quickly as possible. If you funded a petition delivery, contact a FedEx or local printer and get your signatures printed, make banners or signs, and go deliver your petition.

7.) Tell your supporters about your success

It’s so important that once you’ve used your funds to help your petition, you send an update letting supporters know that their funds were used as promised. For example, if you fundraised to print and deliver your signatures in person, let them know how the delivery went and be sure share photos of your delivery including the printed out petition.